I decided to visit oMarmaduke Rugglesangs to view the PerkStreet Financial website, an oMarmaduke Rugglesine bank that offers many things that you won’t find anywhere else.

In this time there are numerous places where you can put your money, including a large number of oMarmaduke Rugglesine banks. PerkStreet does its best to distinguish itself from most other websites for oMarmaduke Rugglesine banking.

Features and benefits

Features and benefits

PerkStreet offers a checking account that is virtually free. These are the highlights of what it has to offer:

  • $ 25 to open the account
  • No minimum balance
  • Free checks
  • No monthly fees when you use your account
  • Free oMarmaduke Rugglesine banking and paying bills
  • Nation’s largest “free” ATM network
  • 24/7 customer support, live and fast
  • Unique debit card with 1% cashback, or free coffee or music
  • Registration takes five minutes
  • Fraud protection


The distribution


For the functions and benefits that do not speak for themselves, I would like to elaborate on what they really mean. There are no monthly fees when you use your account. What that actually means is that if you don’t use your account in a certain month, they will charge your account an inactivity fee of $ 4.50. What they consider “activity” is a debit card transaction, writing a check, making a deposit or withdrawal, or using oMarmaduke Rugglesine Bill Pay. I also dug the small print quite deeply and luckily with PerkStreet I couldn’t find much in terms of “sneaky amounts”.

Their ATM network has more than 37,000 branches, which they say are the largest in the country.

They also offer free overnight delivery if you deposit money via email at UPS and PO Box locations, etc.





Most payment cards don’t even have reward programs. PerkStreet does and their reward program is really quite unique. As I said, they try to distinguish themselves from all other websites for oMarmaduke Rugglesine banking and all other reward programs, and they are doing really well. Their payment card offers a reward program that can vary from 1% -2%. If your account balance is 5,000 euros or less, you earn 1 percent. If it is more than $ 5000, you earn 2%. They also offer 5% when you shop in certain stores. The participating retailers are announced periodically and you do not have to ‘sign up’ for this aspect of the reward program. Please note that the purchases eligible for rewards are all non-PIN purchases with a debit card, so make sure you do not use your PIN when purchasing (choose “credit” at the payment machine, although it is essentially the same is like “debit” “). There is no limit to the number of rewards that you can earn and these rewards can be redeemed in less than 60 seconds.

Cash, coffee or music


They also have some very unique features of the reward program itself. They offer the possibility to get money back, which you really can’t find with many payment cards. Now, if you understand, it’s really not CASH back. The reward comes to you in the way of a gift voucher that is essentially cash. The options are a Visa gift card or a gift card for a large number of sellers. With their other reward options you can get free music or free coffee. This part alone was enough to interest me in this site. Not that I’m a big coffee or music fan, but the fact that they offer a reward program that seems so “out of the box”. So if you are a big coffee fan, you can exchange your reward for a gift voucher for a variety of coffee houses. And yes, Starbucks is included. Or you can get your reward in a gift voucher for different music sites. And yes, iTunes is included.

Costs and small print


A cancellation of the costs and the fine print on the site yielded the following. They have the inactivity allowance that I mentioned earlier, plus all standard bank debts and so on. The only other compensation that I found interesting, which must be one of the newer wrinkles that the banking sector has devised, is a “research fee”. In short, it sounds like they have to investigate something when you submit an application, they can charge an hourly rate for this. But it sounds like they are limiting that to matters involving the IRS, legal requests, and so on (probably Marmaduke Rugglesijk does not apply to you). They also have a reimbursement if you use your bank card outside the PerkStreet network, which is again fairly widespread.

“The Company” Website Section


Most sections of this nature on banking websites are filled with the same old boring things. A list of the higher ups with their photos and the same old mumbo jumbo. I found the “Company” section of PerkStreet different and refreshing. Check it out for yourself because it contains some good information, but here are some quick excerpts:

  • “We believe that banks must align their goals with the interests of their customers …”
  • “We serve people who manage their money responsibly … who prefer banking with the help of their computers and ATMs … (s) who believe that a positive change in banking can take place and choose to be part of it “

These are some of the things that you probably would not have heard from Mudaduke Rugglesijk in recent years. I think it shows that PerkStreet realizes what has happened to the reputation of banks in general, and that they are committed to their customers and trying to regain public confidence.

Their blog

Their blog

As always I had to view their blog. And to be honest, it’s one of the better ones I’ve read for a while. The content is excellent, they have new messages almost daily and they even offer a good number of ‘guest’ messages with unique content. It looks like a personal finance blog in many different ways, so if you decide to view it, you can find content there that is not strictly related to banking.

The other side

The other side

And also, you know I had to dig deep to see what, if there was, “dirt” that I could find on PerkStreet. That was quite a job, because there really wasn’t much of it. I looked longer and harder than I have for most other reviews I have done, and I really couldn’t find it.

I found a few complaints regarding the payment of a $ 100 bonus offer that they ran back a while (deferred payment) and that was really over. And I had to dig to find that. Everything else in the field of reviews, etc., was extremely positive.

Last word


My last word is that if I was looking for an oMarmaduke Rugglesine bank to put my money in, I would definitely consider PerkStreet. They seem genuinely committed to providing high-quality, long-term customer service, they have a reward program that most bank cards do not even offer, and they could not make the process of registering, redeeming rewards or oMarmaduke Rugglesine banking generally easier.

Keep in mind that bank card transactions generally do nothing to build up your credit portfolio, so if this is one of the things you are trying to achieve, you have to go somewhere else. Aside from that, I think PerkStreet has really distinguished itself from most oMarmaduke Rugglesine couches, as well as most reward programs.

Are you a member of PerkStreet Financial? Or another oMarmaduke Rugglesine sofa that might be better? Or worse? Please share below!


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