Are you lacking money to pay off your debts? Want to travel, but it does not fit your budget? Do you need to renovate your kitchen without getting into debt?

Well, whatever your wish, you came in the right place. In this article, we have separated for you some tips and suggestions that in practice can help you to earn that extra money.

Are you curious? Keep reading.

Car stopped and time left

Car stopped and time left

Is your car more parked in the garage than on the street? How about you start transporting people and making money for it?

To do this, you just need to download the Uber application, sign up and get information about each company’s charge for running.

It is undeniable that Uber has been very successful lately because it is cheaper and more practical than the taxi.

Think about it, it’s a good way to make an income.

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Give rides

Give rides

If you did not like the first idea, you might want to move people by offering hitch-hikers at a great price.

BlaBlaCar is a perfect application for this, after creating the registration, the application informs you who is in need of a ride and helps find people on the same route.

To use it you inform the application where you want to go, and the person who has the same destination takes a ride with you by viewing your offer.

Another cost-effective alternative to hitchhikers is that you can offer friends who live close to your commute to work and split the fuel.

Everyone is saving money and the environment is grateful.

Make your home a true hotel

Make your home a true hotel

This seems like a rather scary alternative, but renting your home or part of it is very common overseas and you may also adhere to the idea.

Some people sometimes need to spend a season off or are on the road, and the more likely alternative will surely be a corner of their home.

This is possible through websites similar to Airbnb , where people are looking for a cheap rental to spend time, and you can offer your room, or even the whole house, just negotiate with the customer.

Become a freelancer

With the technological advancement making money has become very easy, especially if you are good at something you can sell.

At 99Freelas website you can advertise your service and earn some money, after that, it’s just investing in personal marketing and having more clients.

If you are good at writing, translating and have creative ideas, maybe you should make money as a freelancer, take the risk!

But of course, if you are in need of urgent cash and do not have time for these alternatives, we at Azul can help you.


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