The end of the month has not yet come and you have nothing in your pocket? This is a bad sign of lack of financial planning. But, do not despair, we have brought some tips that applied in your routine day by day will make you save and have money to spend the month. Come on!

  1. Search for Offer Days


Search your city for the days when markets enter offers, so you can buy the products you use most on promotion days only, having a sufficient stock at home for the next purchase,

  1. Write down your daily expenses

    Write down your daily expenses

It is surprising how we can spend everyday without realizing it, we usually notice more by making use of money instead of the card, the money literally disappears from our wallet. A small expense in the day can make no difference, but that same every day at the end of the month turns a much higher value that could have been saved. So start to write down what your daily expenses are, this will allow you to have greater financial control and you will also know what expendable expenditures can be cut.

  1. Do not go shopping hungry

Have you noticed how difficult it is to go on the market and end up taking something home that we had not planned? Now imagine this situation being hungry. That’s right, never go to the empty stomach market, because the tendency to get out of control is much greater, any product on the shelf will seem too tasty, so that you buy more than you should.

  1. Do you really need to buy this today?

    Do you really need to buy this today?

Faced with the consumer culture we live in, it is very difficult to go through a shop window and not think we need it. But do we really need it? And if so … is it for today? If the answer is no, avoid making an impulsive purchase, if you really want a product the best thing to do is plan your purchase.

  1. Make the piggy bank your ally

    Make the piggy bank your ally

Are your coins lost anywhere? Give them the right fate. If you live with your family it is best to combine all of them to store the coins in a safe for a specific purpose. It may not seem like it, but saving pennies can make big dreams come true and get you out of the way in emergency moments.

  1. Say no

    Say no

If you have children, know how to say no, but if you do not have children, also know how to say no to yourself. Have control over your urges and say no to that out of your budget. One can not hurt today, but tomorrow you will thank you for being firm with yourself.

  1. Pay bills on time

Are you one of those people who lives forgetting to pay their bills? You can stop right now, your money is being thrown away. Faced with so many alternatives to remember to remove an account, there are no excuses to keep forgetting. Write down somewhere visible, put your accounts for payment in automatic debit, use the alarm, install applications of reminders, etc., so you will never again fall into oblivion and also into debt.

These habits from a distance may seem silly, but they make a big difference in the financial life of those who dedicate themselves to applying them, so start now. But, are you in debt? Count on Financial Group and apply for a personal loan online, we do everything fast, safely and without bureaucracy.

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